Knikole Taylor

Instructional Content Specialist

1.     What is your experience teaching STEM?
I taught in the first K-12 STEM district in Texas. After teaching through our grant implementation year, I moved to a campus coaching role to help with campus STEM curriculum and instruction initiatives before moving to the district administration office to help with districtwide support.

2.     What is your experience with establishing STEM programs?
I helped to train and support our PK3-12th grade teachers with STEM implementation. This included summer STEM programs, parent engagement meetings, teacher training, and classroom teaching and support over the span of seven years.

3.     What is your experience with coaching teachers?
I served as an instructional coach and district technology integration coach for 10 years.

4.     What is an aspect of STEM education you are passionate about?
STEM enables students to learn how to critically think and problem solve. The skills they learn through exposure to STEM will carry them through their K-12, collegiate, and professional careers.

5.     What are your favorite ed tech tools?
I have so many, but I love Google for Education, Flipgrid, and PearDeck. 

6.     What is a moment you cherish from coaching teachers?
Coaching teachers taught me so much about how to support others. During my first year as a coach, I met with each teacher I supported to help them craft their own personalized coaching plan. I simply asked them what they wanted to accomplish and helped them meet their goals. I learned it is rewarding and fulfilling to get out of the way to learn, support, and work alongside teachers. They are the classroom experts. I feel fortunate to be a resource to enable them to give students their best.

7.     What are some of the coolest things you’ve seen or implemented in STEM programs?
Our students built a car and an airplane.  Those were two of the coolest experiences I have ever witnessed.  Students never cease to amaze me.

8.     What’s your favorite book?
Troublemakers by Carla Shalaby changed me forever. I return to it at least once a year as a great reminder to continually center students in my work.

9.  What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of that isn’t work-related?
I’m raising three exceptional little humans.  They are my greatest accomplishments and teach me far more than I could ever teach them.

10.  What is a unique skill or perspective you bring to our STEM team?
I have experiences that span the gamut of K-12 education as a classroom teacher, curriculum writer, and administrator at both the campus and district level. I have also traveled across the U.S. and internationally to train and support teachers. Teaching, learning, and teacher support are my jam.

11.  Where do you work from?
Shared home office space with my husband in Dallas, Texas

12.     Do you have any furry coworkers?
Dodger, our dog