Kay Leigh Shannon

Content Developer

1.     What’s your past experience with teaching and curriculum development?
I have taught at the collegiate level for six years and designed, implemented and delivered my own content to students.

2.     Why do you think STEM education is important?
There is a growing need for individuals in STEM fields, and assuring they have right resources and knowledge is important for their success.

3.     What is a moment you cherish from teaching students?
There are so many! Some of the moments I cherish most are when I learn about my students using classroom knowledge in settings outside of class.

4.     What are your favorite types of projects to include in lessons?
I enjoy including projects that have real world implications. I think it is very important to communicate purpose to students and what they are learning goes far beyond the classroom.

5.     What’s a course you would like to write for iCEV that we don’t have plans to make yet?
My background is in communication, so I would love to write anything in that realm!

6.     What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of that isn’t work-related?
Running a marathon with my dad!

7.     What’s something you’re learning right now (outside of work)?
I am learning about different online pedagogical approaches! I’m currently finishing my second master’s degree, and fortunately, my research crosses over to work!

8.     What’s your favorite book?
Walden-Henry David Thoreau

9.  What is a unique skill or perspective you bring to our STEM team?
My experience teaching and being a student have helped me conceptualize writing content by including both perspectives of how I would want to receive content as a student and what I think is important for students to know as an instructor.

10.  Where do you work from?
Lubbock, TX!