Practicum in Health Science


The Practicum in Health Science course is designed to give students practical application of previously studied knowledge and skills related to the medical professions. Practicum experiences can occur in a variety of locations appropriate to the nature and level of experience.

SAMPLE LESSON | Principles of Body Mechanics

Each lesson includes media-rich presentations, a pre-made lesson plan, assessments and engaging real-world projects and activities. To get an idea of what iCEV offers, explore the sample lesson and resources below.


  • Introduction to Professional Communication 
  • Teamwork & Collaboration       
  • Citizenship Basics           
  • The Health Care Industry         
  • Mathematics in Health Science 
  • Scientific Procedures & Safety  
  • Scientific Reasoning & Problem Solving          
  • Health Science Safety & Regulations    
  • Medical Terms & Terminology 
  • Medical Terminology: Translation & Communication
  • Medical Records 
  • Body Systems: Environmental Factors
  • Chain of Infection          
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology     
  • Principles of Body Mechanics   
  • The Human Body: Digestive System    
  • The Human Body: Skeletal System      
  • The Human Body: The Circulatory System     
  • The Human Body: The Respiratory System    
  • The Human Body: The Nervous System & Special Senses    
  • The Human Body: The Muscular System        
  • The Human Body: The Integumentary System          
  • The Human Body: Immune System     
  • The Human Body: The Urinary System           
  • The Human Body: The Reproductive System 
  • Skills for Health Science Professionals 
  • Exploring Careers: Health Science       
  • A Job Defined: Pharmacist