Introduction to Culinary Arts


The Introduction to Culinary Arts course will emphasize the principles of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the management of a variety of food service operations. The course will provide insight into the operation of a well-run restaurant. Introduction to Culinary Arts will provide insight into food production skills, various levels of industry management and hospitality skills.

SAMPLE LESSON | Introduction to Culinary Techniques & Methods

Each lesson includes media-rich presentations, a pre-made lesson plan, assessments and engaging real-world projects and activities. To get an idea of what iCEV offers, explore the sample lesson and resources below.


  • Introduction to Nutrients & Nutritional Labeling
  • A Scientific Look at Nutrition          
  • A Closer Look at Nutrition: Carbohydrates 
  • A Closer Look at Nutrition: Fats & Lipids
  • A Closer Look at Nutrition: Proteins & Amino Acids         
  • A Closer Look at Nutrition: Vitamins, Minerals & Water  
  • Nutrition Through the Life Cycle   
  • MyPlate: The New Food Guide       
  • Diets: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 
  • Hot Topics - Fast & Convenience Foods
  • Factors in Food Choices       
  • Groceries 101           
  • Impact of Nutrition on Health & Wellness 
  • Healthy Snacking for All Ages         
  • The Human Body: Digestive System     
  • A Closer Look at Nutrition: Metabolism & Energy
  • Health & Information: Media, Technology & You
  • Nutrition & Wellness Diseases: Eating Disorders
  • Nutrition & Wellness Diseases: Diabetes
  • Nutrition & Wellness Diseases: Obesity 
  • Nutrition & Wellness Diseases: Food Allergies & Intolerances    
  • Hot Topics - Allergies           
  • Nutrition & Food Service     
  • Farm to Plate            
  • Food Industry Safety           
  • Principles of HACCP: Introduction
  • Principles of HACCP: Identifying Hazards in Food Processing    
  • It’s Alive!: Foodborne Illnesses       
  • Sanitation & Safety Procedures in Food Production        
  • Introduction to Culinary Techniques & Methods
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Food Math & Measurements
  • Careers in the Culinary Industry   
  • The Science in Food Handling & Storage 
  • Emily Post, Who?      
  • Eating with Emily Post        
  • Business Ethics         
  • Ethics in Business    
  • Exploring Careers: Human Services 
  • Diagnostic Services  
  • A Job Defined: Dietitian       
  • Plan for Life  
  • Management of Energy, Money & Tasks   
  • Skills for Real World Survival         
  • Decision Making       
  • Employability Skills  
  • Graduate Tips & Advice: Importance of Work Ethic        
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Introduction to Professional Communication
  • Presentation Strategies & Tactics