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CTE Inspired: A Virtual Conference Hosted by iCEV will connect teachers with educational and industry leaders. Providing a personal experience in an interactive, online setting, CTE Inspired will give teachers innovative tools to implement in their CTE classes. The conference experience will showcase: 

  • Inspiring sessions led by more than 65 educators representing 22 states

  • Engaging panel discussions featuring educational experts

  • Insightful sessions from the certifying agencies who utilize the iCEV testing platform

  • State-of-the-art prizes and giveaways for CTE classrooms

Professional Development Credit

Professional development credit is subject to your administration's approval. We have provided a professional development credit request form which can be completed and submitted to your administrator.  Following the conference, iCEV will provide each attendee with a certificate affirming the number of hours earned.


The request form is easy to fill out, simply:

1. Download the form to either print or complete electronically
2. Select the sessions you plan to attend
3. Submit the form to your administration for approval

If your administrators seem reluctant, reiterate that CTE Inspired will provide valuable information and insights on virtual settings, classroom management, content-specific advice and industry certifications. For the newest teachers utilizing iCEV, we are offering ample opportunities to learn the features of the iCEV platform, including customization options. We are even offering sessions specifically for CTE administration, so go ahead and invite them to join!

If you or your administration have any questions about CTE Inspired, please feel free to email Morgan Dixon at or Kimberly Cantrell at

Workshop Strands

Workshops will be led by a mixture of education and industry professionals and iCEV team members. Each session will last approximately 20 minutes, followed by a live 10 minute Q&A session. Click the session title for a brief description of the topics that will be addressed.

iCEV Basics

iCEV was created with educators and students in mind. Join this session for an introduction to the iCEV platform and course offerings. After taking part in this session, you will have the tools to implement iCEV in your classes, saving you valuable time and resources.

Learn how to connect iCEV with your LMS through the learning tools interoperability integration (LTI). With LTI integration, the entire iCEV library can be accessed via your LMS, allowing educators to embed iCEV content directly into the LMS. This session will discuss LTI for Schoology, Canvas, Clever and Google Classroom.

We know each class, teacher and student is different. That’s why iCEV offers a variety of features, including options for course, assessment and gradebook customization. Take part in this session to learn how you can design each iCEV course to fit your specific needs.

Each iCEV lesson is designed to meet the unique needs of all students. Learn how you can facilitate the needs of special populations students by taking part in this teacher-led panel. Discover new tips and tricks for teaching special populations students and learn how iCEV can help you implement accommodation, modification and differentiation strategies.

Thanks to the customization options and rigor of the course content, iCEV can be adapted to a variety of learning settings, including dual credit courses. Join this session to learn how Racer Academy at Murray State University works with school districts in Kentucky to offer dual credit opportunities for students.

With iCEV student licenses, learning can take place in and out of traditional classroom settings. Student licenses allow students to complete interactive activities and complete lessons at their own pace, as well as facilitate options for blended learning and hybrid course designs. Learn how you can utilize student licenses in your classes by joining this session.

COVID-19 disrupted the education system and forced districts to shift delivery methods abruptly. Learn how iCEV resources helped these teachers navigate the challenges of distance learning.

CTE Administration

With the reimplementation of Perkins funding, it’s important districts understand how to navigate and implement Perkins V guidelines. Join this session to learn how you can make the most of Perkins V.

The CARES Act made billions of dollars in stimulus funds available for educational purposes, including funding streams that can be utilized for your CTE curriculum programs. Learn how you can take advantage of these funds by joining this session.

With the iCEV Site License, iCEV can easily be implemented in each of your CTE program areas. Take part in this session to learn how to maximize your subscription with both teacher and student licenses on a district level.


Each iCEV lesson includes supplemental materials designed to engage students, scaffold projects and synthesize learning. Join iCEV Team members to learn how you can take your iCEV lessons to the next level.

Tired of essays? Team iCEV provides ideas for flipping the top five most common assignments found on iCEV. An accompanying group of teachers share the creative twists they have made to common assignments and offer suggestions for how you can use them in your classroom. Have you renovated a project? Bring ideas to collaborate with us and your fellow attendees by taking part in the Live Q&A.

Flipped? Blended? Shaken? Stirred? Learn about implementing online resources in your classroom and find out more about the variety of hybrid learning environment options. Hear from CTE teachers about their experience changing their traditional classroom to a hybrid learning environment.

Need help turning your CTE classroom from chaos and confusion to creativity and collaboration? Hear from a panel of CTE teachers on how they manage their classrooms, from keeping students on task to creating successful classroom materials. An accompanying discussion session offers a place for new and experienced teachers alike to discuss solutions for the issues they face in their classrooms.

Industry Certifications

Curious about how a curriculum company began hosting industry certifications? Learn how the iCEV testing platform got started and what it looks like today in this session. The session will also include an introduction to the certifications hosted on the platform today and insight into the certifications that will be added in the future.

Led by teachers who are currently utilizing the industry certification preparatory content from iCEV as course curriculum, this session will detail implementation methods for industry certifications in CTE classes.

Your students have earned a certification, now what? Learn about the resources iCEV offers to help your certification earners secure meaningful employment.

Tune into this session with Dr. Travis O’Quinn (Kansas State University), Dr. John Pipkin (West Texas A&M University) and Dr. Parker Henley (Oklahoma State University) to learn why industry certifications offer value to those who plan to pursue post-secondary education. In addition, these renowned collegiate judging coaches will explain why evaluation skills are crucial to the success of the meat and animal industries.

Industry Partner Spotlight Sessions


Bryce Winfrey, Elanco Sales Representative, explains why Elanco created industry certifications and why certifications are valued by employers in the animal science field. Additionally, Bryce offers an overview of the variety of career opportunities related to animal science and veterinary medicine.


Tune into this session to hear from representatives from Southwest Airlines as they offer insight to the importance of communication skills in the professional world and the value the Southwest Airlines Professional Communications Certification offers to employers.


As a leading staffing provider, Express Employment Professionals knows what it takes to be a successful employee. Join this session to hear about the industry certifications offered by Express Employment Professionals and their role in the workforce.


Join this session hosted by leaders in Ducks Unlimited to learn about the importance of conservation and how the Ducks Unlimited Ecology Conservation & Management Certification is preparing the next generation of conservationists.


Join Erik Sides, EETC Executive Director, as he speaks to the importance of certifications in the outdoor power equipment industry and the career opportunities in the field.

Agricultural Science

Join this panel to hear agricultural science teachers share their favorite iCEV lessons and provide suggestions for successfully implementing agriculture with iCEV in the classroom.

Implementing STEM in your agricultural science classroom can be a challenge. Learn how you can bring STEM concepts to life in your classes by joining this session led by an agriculture science teacher and iCEV team members.

At iCEV, “winning is always in season!” Join this session to hear from a panel of agricultural science teachers who have successfully trained a variety of competitive judging teams using the practice materials offered by iCEV.

Architecture, Construction, Transportation & Manufacturing

Hear from a panel of teachers using iCEV to build a strong foundation in their architecture, construction, transportation and manufacturing classrooms.

Implementing online curriculum in shop classes can be challenging. Attend this session to see how iCEV can be used as a resource for hands-on shop classes. With iCEV, implementing a blended learning model of visual learning and hands-on application in a shop or at home is easy!

Get a behind the scenes look at iCEV’s Construction Technology course. Hear from the course creators and subject matter expert as they explain the creation process and learn how you can implement this course in your CTE program.

Business, Marketing, Finance, IT & Media

Looking for inspiration to utilize iCEV in your business, marketing, finance, IT or media classroom? Learn tips and tricks for how to best implement the curriculum from a panel of iCEV super users.

Join this session to hear from an iCEV user who will explain how they use the iCEV Microsoft Office curriculum in their classroom. Learn how iCEV can offer solutions to the unique challenges that come with teaching Microsoft Office.

iCEV’s Graphic Design and DigitalMedia courses are excellent tools for teaching design principles and techniques. Take a closer look at the curriculum inthis workshop with iCEV content creators and learn from Bulb, a powerful onlineportfolio design platform, how students can present their coursework anddesigns in a digital portfolio.

Career Exploration

School is about more than “passing a test.” It is educators’ responsibility to get their students workplace ready. Discover essential skills students need to be effective employees and methods to teach them from a fellow educator.

Post-secondary education can come in many forms, including collegiate studies, certificate programs and trade schools. Join this session to learn how iCEV can help you prepare your students for life after high school.

Help your students identify career opportunities that best fit their interests and skills with the iCEV Career Cluster Interest Inventory (CCII). This session will outline best practices for the CCII and help you determine next steps for students' individual needs.

Family & Consumer Sciences

Curious to see how other family and consumer sciences teachers are using iCEV in their classes? Learn from a panel of iCEV super users who teach a variety of family and consumer sciences courses.

Many times educators are tasked with teaching basic life skills, such as budgeting, parenting techniques, interpersonal skills and more. Hear from fellow teachers as they offer strategies and advice for integrating life skills into your classes.

Get cooking with iCEV! Learn best practices from educators as they explain how they utilize iCEV in their culinary arts classes.

Health Science

Learn how iCEV can be a cure for your curriculum ailments. A panel of iCEV health science super users will explain how they are using iCEV in their classrooms.

Preparing the next generation of healthcare workers has never been more important. Hear from health science teachers as they detail how they are using iCEV’s Certified Nursing Assistant Preparation Materials playlist to train students for their certification exams.

Wanting to expand your health science course offerings? Join this session to hear from teacher who is teaching veterinary medicine as a health science course utilizing iCEV.

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

This panel of law, public safety, corrections & security teachers share the iCEV lessons they love, provide suggestions for implementing iCEV in the classroom and offer suggestions for other resources to pair with iCEV.

Hear from a teacher as they explain how they use the iCEV Forensic Science curriculum in their classroom. Learn how to customize and pace iCEV content, as well as find out about additional curriculum resources to help with teaching forensic science.

LAPSEN professionals walk through the unique challenges of teaching law enforcement in the high school classroom. Learn how iCEV and LAPSEN can help prepare law enforcement professionals and teachers alike for teaching this unique subject.