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TEKS-Aligned Health Science Courses

Anatomy & Physiology

ico_lessons.gif31 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif216 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif204 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif112 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Anatomical Structures & Body Mechanics
  • Body Systems & Functions
  • Human Development 
  • Disease, Trauma & Congenital Defects
  • Nerve Transmission & Muscle Stimulation 

Principles of Health Science

ico_lessons.gif37 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif263 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif356 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif150 Assessments

Example Topics

  • The Health Care Industry
  • Emerging Technologies in Health Science
  • Human Developmental Theories
  • Positive & Healthy Relationships
  • Skills for Health Science Professionals
  • Homeostasis in the Body 

Medical Terminology

ico_lessons.gif6 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif34 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif46 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif23 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Medical Records
  • Workplace Communication for Health Care Professionals
  • Effective Patient Interactions
  • Medical Vocabulary
  • Medical Abbreviations & Symbols 

Health Science Theory

ico_lessons.gif23 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif158 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif227 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif100 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Scientific Procedures
  • Safety & Regulations
  • Mathematics in Health Science
  • Community Health
  • Disease Prevention
  • Skills for Health Care Professionals

Professional Communications

ico_lessons.gif53 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif341 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif486 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif222 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication Styles
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Techniques
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Audio/Video Production Basics

State-Approved Instructional Materials