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TEKS-Aligned Family & Consumer Sciences Courses

Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness

ico_lessons.gif50 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif287 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif447 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif171 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Nutritional Labeling
  • Basic Nutrition Concepts
  • Factors Impacting Food Choices
  • Nutrition & Wellness Disease
  • Farm to Plate Food Production Practices
  • Food Safety
  • Meal Planning & Management
  • Etiquette

Principles of Human Services

ico_lessons.gif40 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif219 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif328 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif132 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Career Exploration in Human Services
  • Etiquette
  • Family & Relationships Management 
  • Child Development
  • Nutrition & Wellness Concepts
  • Consumer Decision Making Concepts 

Child Development

ico_lessons.gif20 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif140 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif206 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif74 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Fetal & Infant Development
  • Toddler, Preschooler & School Age Child Development
  • Parenting Techniques
  • Child Care Services
  • Child Safety
  • Stages of Pregnancy 

Child Guidance

ico_lessons.gif26 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif152 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif226 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif87 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Human Development
  • Parenting Basics
  • Child Health & Welfare
  • Child Care Options
  • Child Care Services
  • Techniques for Guiding Children

Human Growth & Development

ico_lessons.gif34 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif224 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif311 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif142 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Human Body Systems
  • Human Developmental Theories
  • Human Development Through the Lifespan
  • Family Health
  • Teen Issues

Culinary Arts

ico_lessons.gif62 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif409 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif550 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif211 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Food Math & Measurements
  • Dairy Products, Breakfast Foods & Eggs
  • Grains, Legumes & Pastas
  • Salads & Sandwiches
  • Stocks, Sauces & Soups

Food Science

ico_lessons.gif43 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif237 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif436 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif110 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Scientific Procedures & Safety
  • Food Science Principles
  • Food Chemistry Concepts 
  • Food Industry Safety
  • Food Packaging Options & Guidelines
  • Food Preservation 

Introduction to Culinary Arts

ico_lessons.gif61 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif378 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif535 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif199 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Careers in the Culinary Industry
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Introductory Culinary Techniques & Methods 
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Desserts & Baked Goods

Advanced Culinary Arts

ico_lessons.gif54 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif344 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif468 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif176 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Food Quality & Palatability Factors
  • Retail Identification of Meat & Poultry
  • Recipe & Menu Development 
  • Basic Nutritional Concepts
  • Global Cuisine
  • Food Safety & Sanitation 

Fashion Design I

ico_lessons.gif38 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif235 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif320 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif133 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Elements & Principles of Personal Style
  • Principles of Apparel Design
  • Basics of Clothing Care
  • Fashion Sketching
  • Draping Fundamentals 
  • Patternmaking Basics 

Interior Design I

ico_lessons.gif30 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif226 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif292 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif117 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Housing Decisions
  • Introduction to Interior Design Concepts
  • Elements & Principles of Design 
  • Appliances, Furnishings & Accessories
  • Construction Drawings
  • Lightning Basics

Fashion Design II

ico_lessons.gif36 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif223 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif304 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif121 Assessments

Example Topics

  • International Fashion Industry
  • Math in Fashion Design
  • Elements & Principles of Apparel Design
  • Draping Techniques
  • Patternmaking Fundamentals 
  • Fashion Portfolios 

Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

ico_lessons.gif22 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif150 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif203 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif83 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Career Exploration in Hospitality & Tourism
  • Travel & Tourism Industry
  • Restaurant Industry
  • Lodging Industry
  • Trends in Hospitality & Tourism
  • Customer Service Techniques

Travel & Tourism Management

ico_lessons.gif29 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif178 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif266 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif111 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Career Exploration in Travel & Tourism
  • Travel & Tourism Management Techniques
  • Customer Service Skills
  • International Travel & Security
  • Technology in the Travel & Tourism Industry
  • Workplace Skills 

Hospitality Services

ico_lessons.gif37 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif238 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif319 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif147 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Career Exploration in the Hospitality Industry
  • Etiquette
  • Food Purchasing for Hospitality Services
  • Common Business Practices
  • Trends in the Hospitality Industry
  • Customer Service Principles 

Hotel Management 

ico_lessons.gif42 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif235 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif360 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif150 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Career exploration in Hotel Management
  • Lodging Management
  • Technology in Hotel Management 
  • Customer Service Techniques
  • Sanitation & Safety Practices
  • Hospitality & Tourism Industry 

Dollars & Sense

ico_lessons.gif31 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif192 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif297 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif127 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Personal Finance Basics
  • Credit & Loans
  • Savings, Investments, Retirement & Estate Planning 
  • Insurance
  • Home Buying
  • Car Buying 

Professional Communications

ico_lessons.gif53 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif341 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif486 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif222 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Conflict Management 
  • Communication Styles
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Techniques 
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Audio/Video Production Basics
  • Introduction to Visual Arts 

Principles of Education & Training

ico_lessons.gif18 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif121 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif160 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif70 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Career Exploration in Education & Training
  • Education Philosophies
  • Appropriate Teaching Strategies 
  • Common Education Practices
  • Education Opportunities
  • Classroom Management Strategies 

Interpersonal Studies

ico_lessons.gif22 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif140 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif223 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif87 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Ethics
  • Conflict Management
  • Successful Communication Strategies
  • Self-Esteem & Independence
  • Positive Relationships 
  • Family Life Issues 

Counseling & Mental Health

ico_lessons.gif22 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif142 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif218 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif87 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Career Exploration in Counseling & Mental Health
  • Health Care Industry
  • Techniques for Maintaining Mental Health
  • Positive Relationships
  • Family Health 

Family & Community Services

ico_lessons.gif17 Lessons ico_daysteaching.gif99 Days of Teaching Materials
ico_activities.gif171 Project-Based Learning Activities ico_assessments.gif65 Assessments

Example Topics

  • Citizenship Basics
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Family Life Issues 
  • Leadership Styles & Skills
  • Family Relationships & Management 

State-Approved Instructional Materials