Proclamation 2017 focuses on adopting instructional materials for all Career and Technical Education (CTE) subject areas to coincide with the implementation of the new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for CTE courses.


What You Need to Know

Our online, state-approved instructional materials products include:

New_Icons_career.png    Health Science


New_Icons_actm.png    Architecture, Construction,
    Transportation & Manufacturing


New_Icons_career.png    Career Exploration


New_Icons_ag.png    Agricultural Science


New_Icons_law.png    Law, Public Safety,
    Corrections & Security


New_Icons_bm.png    Business, Marketing,
    Finance, IT & Media


New_Icons_fcs.png    Family & Consumer

All-Inclusive Instructional Materials

Each product has its own unique ISBN and contains multiple state-approved courses; one subscription allows access to ALL courses, along with new content as it is published.



The iCEV Family & Consumer Sciences product contains 23 state-approved courses. If you have a teacher wishing to purchase the curriculum for her/his Principles of Human Services, Fashion Design I and Introduction to Culinary Arts courses, then the iCEV Family & Consumer Sciences product would only need to be purchased for one of the courses, but can still be used as an approved resource for the other courses mentioned as well.


Administrative Features

Student information system integration and single sign on are available via Clever. For more information, visit www.clever.com.

Administrative reporting provides student and teacher login statistics and other key data.

Student Licenses

Student licenses offer interactive opportunities for learning and are offered at a flat rate (i.e., all student licenses, regardless of quantity are offered at the same price).

Student licenses are yearly (i.e., calendar year) and can be re-used throughout the course of the subscription term.

Teacher Licenses

Teacher subscriptions are yearly (i.e., calendar year) and are required for all teachers utilizing the product; teacher subscriptions cannot be shared.

Teacher subscription pricing is based on number of subscribers within the district and length of subscription; multi-year subscription terms are offered at discounted rates.


If 100 student licenses are purchased for the iCEV Family & Consumer Sciences product for 4 years, then those licenses can be recycled each year. Additionally, as rosters change from semester to semester, student licenses can be recycled throughout the course of a year. While the license is unique to the student during his or her coursework, once that coursework is completed, the instructor can clear out that student and re-use the license for a new student.

State-Approved Instructional Materials