for selecting instructional materials.

Proclamation 2017 focuses on adopting instructional materials for all Career and Technical Education (CTE) subject areas to coincide with the implementation of the new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for CTE courses.

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Industry Certifications Integrated into iCEV

Through the iCEV platform, students can enhance their career training with industry certifications by completing coursework. iCEV integrated certifications are applicable for high school and college students.

Benefits of Certifications

Industry certifications allow students to explore Career and Technical Education courses that match their career interests. The certifications provide real-world examples of career possibilities. Students who complete the certifications often have an advantage over a student who did not get the hands-on training necessary for a job in the current workforce.

How Certifications are Different

Students can enhance their career training with certifications by completing traditional coursework with iCEV. The online CTE lessons and assessments offer hands-on training as students complete their high school education.

The certifications are designed to integrate with classroom instruction. Each lesson required for the certification includes lesson plans for the teacher as well as option in-class activities.

How Students Earn Certifications

A student must complete certain lessons which are prerequisites to unlocking the final certification exam. Typically these lessons are already part of the normal coursework a student must do in the iCEV system.

After completing all lessons/modules (scoring at least 70% on the final assessment of each lesson/module), the student will "unlock" the final certification exam. After scoring above 70% on the final certification exam, the certification has been achieved and the student will receive the certificate.

Available Certifications

Click the titles below to learn more about each certification.


Business Office Technology Certification
Endorsed by Express Employment Professionals


Career Preparedness Certification
Endorsed by Express Employment Professionals


Food Safety & Science Certification
Endorsed by American Meat Science Association


Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification
Endorsed by Elanco


Meat Evaluation Certification
Endorsed by American Meat Science Association


Plant Science Certification
Endorsed by Bayer CropScience


Principles of Floral Design Certification
Endorsed by Benz School of Floral Design


Principles of Livestock Selection & Evaluation Certification
Endorsed by National Collegiate Livestock Coaches Association


Principles of Small Engine Technology Certification
Endorsed Equipment & Engine Training Council


Professional Communications Certification
Endorsed by Southwest Airlines


Veterinary Medical Applications
Endorsed by Elanco


"When students have a tangible certificate to show all of the hard work they've put into a class, it really makes them feel good. In fact, with these certifications, I often seee those studnets hold the CTE courses in higher regard because of the end result of certification. It gives them an extra boost and keeps them going until completion, and often facilitates them moving onto post-secondary educational opportunities."

Jennifer Edenfield
Director of Career & Technical Education, Brazosport ISD