iCEV + bulb

iCEV has collaborated with bulb digital portfolios to offer educators and students bulb templates of current iCEV projects and activities. Access to the templates requires a bulb subscription. If you are interested in learning more about obtaining a bulb subscription, click here.


If you already have a bulb subscription, call 800-922-9965 or email Customer Support to access the bulb templates associated with your iCEV lessons. You can find the templates under the Instructional Resources menu.

bulb Setup

Your bulb Account

  1. Use any device & open Chrome, Safari or Edge (or download the bulb iOS app).
  2. Go to this url: (it is case sensitive).
  3. Complete the empty fields & create your bulb account.

Personalize Your Profile

  1. ADD COVER IMAGE - Use the WEB SEARCH option to find a great appropriate photo.

  2. ADD an avatar image - Use a professional photo or an image that describes you.

  3. Put your cursor over the words “Tell everyone who you are in 140 characters” and start typing a short description about yourself.

Create a Resource or Assignment Page & Share With Your Students

  1. Click the bulb logo to navigate to your profile (home) page. 


    1. A collection is like a folder - it holds your bulb pages and keeps them organized by theme.

  3. Give your collection a title and click CREATE.

  4. ADD A COVER IMAGE to make your collection visually interesting and easy to find. 

  5. In the cover, click into the grey field under VISIBLE TO.

  6. Select your class group(s) to share this collection with. View our resource page to learn more about all our sharing/publishing options.

  7. Now click on CREATE PAGE to begin creating your resources inside this collection.

  8. Title your page.

  9. Put your cursor where it says “start typing or add media. Select text to format it.”

  10. You can start typing or use one of the blue buttons to add multimedia. 

    1. TEXT - just start typing to add text. To format text, highlight the text. The “T” button will give you different font, color and size options. 

    2. VIDEO - upload directly from your mobile device camera roll or upload a video file from your computer.

    3. IMAGE - Use web search to find filtered & free to use images, or add an image from your storage space in the cloud.

    4. FILE - embed a PDF, Word, Excel or Google file. The document will actually show in full on the bulb page.

    5. AUDIO - Record an audio file directly onto the bulb page or add an audio file saved on your computer or the cloud. 

    6. URL - Embed a website url or a url from a creation application such as Nearpod, Padlet, Prezi, Quizlet, etc. Many embeds will be interactive right on the bulb page.

  11. As you are creating, to get the blue media buttons to display on your page just click ENTER/RETURN.

  12. Bring your page to life with a cover image photo.

  13. The page automatically saves, but it is not visible to your group until you PUBLISH.

Publish/Share Your Page

  1. Click PUBLISH in the upper right corner.

  2. You will notice that your group(s) that you added to your collection are already displayed under VISIBLE TO.

  3. To allow students to copy this page into their own portfolios click the checkbox SAVE THIS AS A TEMPLATE. If this is only a resource for them to consume and not complete an assignment then do not check this (see below for more details).

  4. Lastly, select PUBLISH at the bottom of the panel.

Google Classroom

  1. IF, you are using Google Classroom with your students, After you have published your page click on SHARE and then select the Google Classroom icon.

  2. Follow the Google Classroom prompts to create the assignment in Google Classroom.

Learning Management Systems

  1. IF, you are using a learning management system (i.e. TEAMS, Schoology, Canvas, ItsLearing, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.), when you publish your page select CREATE PRIVATE SHARE LINK.

  2. Use the clipboard icon next to the private share link url to copy this unique url.

  3. Paste the private share link url into the assignment created in your LMS.

Create Templates

If you create an assignment with questions for students to complete you can mark your bulb page as a template so that students can easily copy the format/assignment into their portfolio and complete the assignment.

  1. In the PUBLISH panel under VISIBLE TO, select your class group(s).

  2. Then select the SAVE THIS AS A TEMPLATE check box. This allows the page to be copied by the users who have access to the page.

  3. The template will post in the content area of your class groups for easy access by your students.

How to View Student Work

Through the use of bulb groups, it is easy to view your students' work all in one place. Make sure your students are publishing specifically to your group. This virtual “bulletin board” is a one-stop shop to check in on your students and easily leave comments on their work.

  1. Click the hamburger menu (3 lines in the upper right hand corner) and select the GROUPS menu.

  2. Select the group with the students' work you would like to view.

  3. Click on the CONTENT tab to see all your students’ work in one place.

  4. To individually look at each student's profile, select the MEMBERS tab.

  5. Tip: You can also use the list of members to easily navigate to a student’s portfolio.

  6. If you use an LMS, you can have students submit in the url to their published bulb pages for easy management via the LMS

Comment on Student Work

  1. Navigate to your student’s page you would like to comment on.

  2. On your student’s page, highlight a word, paragraph or an embedded media.

  3. Select the blue commenting icon. This will pull up a commenting thread on the left side of your screen (If you do not see it, make sure your computer is in full screen).

  4. Simply type your message and click the gray COMMENT button. Through this thread, you and your student can collaborate back and forth.

  5. To comment on a student’s full page, scroll to the bottom of the page and type a message in the comment box. Click COMMENT when you are ready to post it. 

bulb Glossary

Profile: This is the homepage of your portfolio. The url is

Collections: A way to organize pages by theme or topic. You can put pages into collections and have sub-collections. 

Pages: Where work comes to life with text and multimedia. Pages can live singly on a profile or within a collection.

Groups: A private space to share content with members only.

bulb Resources

Student Quickstart Guide: Printable step-by-step guide for students.

Webinar: A iCEV teacher instructing students on creating their portfolios. 

Templates: Get inspired and quick templates to use.

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