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September 24, 2015

Show us what your floral design students can do. Team iCEV is giving floral design teachers and their students a chance to win classroom prizes and student scholarships while showcasing their skills and creativity.




Contest Details

Beginning on Thursday, September 24, 2015, high school floral design teachers are encouraged to submit photos of student designed floral arrangements for a chance to win gift baskets loaded with supplies as well as scholarships for students. The submission deadline is November 3, 2015. 


All eligible entries will be added to the Flourish 2015 photo album on our Facebook page. Voting begins Tuesday, November 4, 2015, so make sure and mark it on your calendar. The top 10 finalists will be selected based on which photos receive the largest number of likes by Facebook users.


Bill McKinley, Director of Benz School of Floral Design at Texas A&M University has graciously volunteered to judge the finalist entries. Mr. McKinley will score arrangements based on each student’s use of line, proportion (scale), unity, balance (physical and visual), dominance/focal emphasis, contrast (variation, opposition, tension), rhythm (depth, repetition, transition), color, and mechanics (professional application).

Principles of Floral Design Certification

The Principles of Floral Design Certification endorsed by Benz School of Floral Design requires students to display a thorough understanding of the principles, elements, geometry, basic techniques used in floral design.  The certification is comprised of 13 lessons that address key components of the floral business, including history of floral design, flower identification, wedding & special arrangements and flower business management.