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Team iCEV Honors Our Teachers - Dusty, Clayton & Mark

May 7, 2015

Teachers impact the lives of their students every day. They are tasked with challenging and inspiring them to achieve success. Teachers lead, encourage, support and care about their students in and out of the classroom. Many of them never get a chance to see the difference they make in their students' lives. Too often the student doesn't realize a teacher's influence until long after they've left the classroom.

This week, we honor the teachers who have made a major impact on our lives and careers. We asked several iCEV team members to share how their teachers have influenced them in a positive way.

Teachers everywhere, your commitment and passion for your profession is truly appreciated. Know that you are impacting your students the same way our teachers have impacted us. Thank you for all of the hard work you dedicate to your classroom every day. 

You are changing the world with every life you touch.

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