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Welcome to Atomsville

Atomsville is a fictional city containing a wide variety of businesses. The businesses contain 16 career clusters that enable students to showcase their individuality when working on a project. Atomsville makes it easy for students to customize their Microsoft® Office projects to fit their career interests. This tool presents real-world scenarios so that the students can explore various businesses and clusters.

Career Clusters

  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
  • Business, Management & Administration
  • Education & Training
  • Finance
  • Government & Public Administration
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing, Sales & Service
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics


Atomsville contains over 100 businesses that students can choose from to best fit their career interests.

  • Amino Construction Company
  • AtomJet Airline
  • Atomsville Reactors Football
  • Avogadro’s Italian Restaurant
  • Bunson Catering
  • Calvin Dentistry
  • Chemical Properties Realtors
  • CMYK Television Station
  • Flemming’s Pharmacy
  • Fusion Clothing Store
  • Homeostasis Veterinary Clinic
  • Ionic Credit Union
  • Iris Optical
  • Newton & Newton Law Firm
  • Optimum Electronics
  • Origin Promotional Advertising
  • Rutherford Inn & Suites
  • Stryker Welding
  • Synthesis Fashion Design
  • The Blue Print Architects
  • The Vector Group Design Firm

Business Pages

There are informational web pages for each business. They include a description, name and a photo of the company’s CEO and a downloadable logo.


Business Guide & Presentation

The business guide shows each business in the city and can be given to students for their review or reference. The PowerPoint presentation can be used as an introductory lesson to Atomsville.


Cheat Sheets

These sheets are quick reference guides that are accessible online. Each one contains space for students to add their own notes.

How to Incorporate Atomsville into Microsoft Office Basic Skills

  1. View an online lesson to learn the layout of Microsoft Office programs.

  2. Complete notes, worksheets, quizzes and/or various vocabulary activities, which correspond with the online lesson.

  3. Complete the project that corresponds with the lesson just viewed.

  4. Go to Business Clusters. Choose the cluster that is best aligned with your career goals.


  1. Within that cluster, choose an Atomsville Business that best fits your interests.


  1. Apply knowledge by completing real-world Application Projects using selected Atomsville business.

  2. Use provided “cheat sheets” as a reference guide to the program. Add your own notes to customize your “cheat sheet.”