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Edgenuity vs. HealthCenter21: Which Health Science Curriculum is Best?

November 2nd, 2021 | 6 min. read

Brad Hummel

Brad Hummel

Coming from a family of educators, Brad knows both the joys and challenges of teaching well. Through his own teaching background, he’s experienced both firsthand. As a writer for iCEV, Brad’s goal is to help teachers empower their students by listening to educators’ concerns and creating content that answers their most pressing questions about career and technical education.

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As a CTE health science educator, you want your learners to excel and get the most out of your class. Because of this, you may be considering moving from textbooks to using a digital curriculum option to help your students achieve more in the classroom.

As a digital curriculum provider, thousands of health science teachers use the AES HealthCenter21 system every year. However, our solution may not be the best fit for everyone.

Teachers who consider our health science curriculum, they often ask how HealthCenter21 compares with other solutions such as Edgenuity. But you might be unsure about which of these options is best for your students. 

This post will discuss the key differences between health science courses from Edgenuity and HealthCenter21 from AES, so you can be confident in finding the right solution for your classroom.

This article will answer four important questions about Edgenuity and HealthCenter21:

  • What are Edgenuity and HealthCenter21?
  • What is the instructional approach?
  • What topics does each curriculum include?
  • Which is best for you? 

What are Edgenuity and HealthCenter21?

edgenuity vs healthcenter21

Edgenuity and AES offer two different approaches to health science education. It is essential to compare the type of curriculum offered by each to decide which provider offers the best solution for you.

In this section, we will discuss the purpose of Edgenuity and HealthCenter21.

What is Edgenuity?

Edgenuity is a major provider of educational courses for elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. From core curriculum coursework to credit recovery and test readiness options, Edgenuity offers ready-made materials for teachers and students in a broad spectrum of subject areas.

Edgenuity’s course catalog includes health science courses on particular topics that can meet educators’ needs in specific content areas.

What is HealthCenter21?

HealthCenter21 from AES is a comprehensive digital curriculum system designed to help teachers in the CTE health science pathway provide custom classroom solutions.

HealthCenter21 contains flexible learning modules to help teachers provide a customized health science solution for their students’ particular needs.

What is the Instructional Approach of Each Health Science Curriculum?


When thinking about your digital curriculum options, it is important to consider the provider’s instructional approach. Understanding the approach each curriculum provider takes in delivering content is critical to understanding which option is a good fit for your needs.

In this section, we will look at the instructional approaches of Edgenuity health science courses and AES HealthCenter21.

The Edgenuity Instructional Approach

Edgenuity seeks to provide a teacher-driven approach to instruction. Edgenuity courses can be used in a blended learning environment that involves both in-person and online education or as entirely virtual courses.

Virtual courses can be offered through Edgenuity Instructional Services and taught by an institution’s teachers or by Edgenuity’s own instructors. Each course covers an individual subject area with separate units, so teachers will need to choose which class or series of courses best align with their curriculum needs.

Edgenuity courses, such as Health Science Concepts, are divided into three primary components:

  1. Interactive lessons, including instructional segments and tasks
  2. Class assignments in each lesson
  3. Unit test and cumulative exam assessments

Instructors can use each of Edgenuity’s CTE health science courses in a blended learning classroom.

However, the Edgenuity format allows for each course to function as a standalone, completely virtual class.

The HealthCenter21 Instructional Approach

HealthCenter21 seeks to deliver dedicated health science CTE instruction specifically tailored to the needs of individual teachers. AES designs every module in HealthCenter21 around our four-phase learning plan.

AES uses the four-phase instructional framework within each learning module to reinforce student learning while saving teachers time with planning and preparation.

The four phases of the AES curriculum are Explore, Learn & Practice, Reflect, and Reinforce.

  1. The Explore phase focuses on teacher-led classroom exercises geared toward grabbing students’ interest.
  2. In the Learn & Practice phase, students log in to HealthCenter21 and navigate through self-paced, interactive lessons. Each lesson includes videos, activities, and other interactive elements along with worksheets and notes to boost students’ retention of information.
  3. During the Reflect phase, you will help your students review the material in class through guided class discussions.
  4. Finally, in the Reinforce phase, your students will guide themselves through self-directed projects and activities which help them master the concepts and skills learned in each module.

The AES instructional approach can help you smoothly and successfully implement a blended learning environment in your classroom.

If you want a digital curriculum intended to supplement class instruction with a blend of engaging digital content, then HealthCenter21 could be a good fit.

What Topics Does Each Curriculum Include?


When choosing which digital curriculum solution is the right option for you, it is critical to look at the available course options and how they align with the overall needs of your health science CTE program.

Edgenuity and HealthCenter21 offer different ways of fulfilling health science CTE coursework needs. In this section, we will compare Edgenuity and HealthCenter21 course offerings.

Edgenuity Health Science Courses

Health science CTE courses are just one subject area among many offered by Edgenuity. Through the Edgenuity platform, teachers and schools can choose from courses ranging from world languages to agriculture.

Edgenuity promises to continue to expand its catalog of course offerings to cover more subject material to give students more options from which to choose.

In the health sciences, Edgenuity offers the following course options:

  • Careers in Allied Health
  • Health, Safety, and Ethics in the Health Environment
  • Health Science Concepts Introduction to Careers in the Health Sciences
  • Introduction to Health Science Medical Terminology
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Nursing: Unlimited Possibilities and Unlimited Potential
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Veterinarians & Other Doctors
  • Public Health: Discovering the Big Picture in Health Care
  • Therapeutics: The Art of Restoring & Maintaining Wellness

Each Edgenuity health science course is distinct and covers a defined pathway of subject material. This means that if you are looking to teach one of the specific courses they offer, Edgenuity could be the right fit for you. However, if you need to cover material contained in other classes, you will need to purchase those courses separately from Edgenuity.

As standalone courses, health science CTE classes from Edgenuity could be a good fit if you are looking for a ready-to-use class that you can adapt for blended learning or use by itself in a virtual instruction setting.

HealthCenter21 Health Science Curriculum

AES designs HealthCenter21 around providing teachers with the flexibility to meet the needs of their specific courses, students, and health science CTE programs. HealthCenter21 includes more than 1,00 hours of curriculum that you can customize to fit your class.

Since the HealthCenter21 system consists of learning modules, you can pick and choose which modules contain the particular knowledge and skills your students need to master. There are no restrictions concerning which modules you can use. This adaptability allows teachers to use HealthCenter21 in many courses in the health science CTE pathway.

The learning modules in HealthCenter21 include topics in eight major areas:

  • Healthcare Foundations
  • Health Career Readiness
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Emergency Medical Technician

HealthCenter21 modules meet many state standards and can help students prepare for certifications in the health career pathway.

If you’re searching for a flexible health science solution that allows you to tailor the student learning experience to the needs of your specific program, HealthCenter21 could provide the adaptability you seek to implement blended learning in your classroom.

Which Health Science Curriculum is Best for You?


Edgenuity and HealthCenter21 from AES are two digital curriculum options you can use to teach health science in your classroom. Which option you choose will ultimately depend on your unique needs.

If you’re looking for a turn-key solution with ready-to-use courses, Edgenuity could fulfill the needs of your classroom.

If you’re looking for more flexibility, HealthCenter21 provides learning modules relevant to many courses in the health science pathway with a single subscription.

Does HealthCenter21 sound like it will be a good fit for your classroom goals? Watch this demo video to see how HealthCenter21 improves student engagement while saving teachers time.

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