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7 Best Marketing Lesson Plans and Projects for High School

June 21st, 2023 | 9 min. read

Bri Stauffer

Bri Stauffer

For nearly 10 years, Bri has focused on creating content to address the questions and concerns educators have about teaching classes, preparing students for certifications, and making the most of the iCEV curriculum system.

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As a business curriculum provider, we speak with thousands of high school business teachers every year.

Many of these teachers are looking for new ways to teach marketing and often ask how iCEV can help.

While we provide marketing lessons and activities as part of the courses in our business education curriculum, our solution may not be the best fit for everyone.

iCEV is comprehensive curriculum system designed to teach dozens of topics such as marketing, entrepreneurship, professional communications, and more.

But some teachers are only looking for a supplemental lesson to fill a gap in their marketing curriculum. And others are in search of a resource that will fill a year-long marketing course.

To help you find the resource that best meets your needs, we’ve compiled a list of other popular options.

Seven places you can find high school marketing lesson plans and projects are:

  1. Mr. George’s Academics
  2. BizKid$
  3. Money Instructor
  4. Wharton Global Youth Program
  5. CTE Online
  6. Gavin Middleton
  7. Tech Twins

In this post, we’ll dive into the specifics of what’s included with each marketing resource and where each one works best.

You’ll also find a ready-to-use marketing lesson and presentation that you can implement in your classroom in minutes!

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1. Mr. George’s Academics


Mr. George’s Academics is a teacher’s website filled with all of the resources he uses to teach marketing concepts and skills.

You’ll find writing assignments, lecture materials, student handouts, video links, and more organized into ten units:

  • Intro to marketing
  • Target markets
  • Product strategy
  • Place strategy
  • Price strategy
  • Promotion strategy
  • Market research
  • Marketing plans
  • Consumerism
  • Personal branding

Though there are a lot of resources here, they can all work independently from one another.

So you can pick and choose whichever materials will best suit your needs throughout the semester.

That makes Mr. George’s Academics a good place to find supplemental resources to mix in with your other marketing class materials.

2. BizKid$


BizKid$ is a website filled with resources to educate young people on personal finance and business skills.

Though their main focus is on providing student resources, BizKid$ also offers lesson plans that teachers can use in the classroom.

Among these lesson plans, you’ll find one focused on the marketing mix designed to help students:

To help students hit these objectives, BizKid$ provides a video, a family activity, a definition document, and three student worksheets.

Altogether this lesson will take about one class period for you to work through.

So, if you’re in need of a single resource focused on the marketing mix, this lesson plan from BizKid$ could be a great fit.

3. Money Instructor


Money Instructor is a membership-based organization focused on helping students learn personal finance, business, career, and life skills.

When you register as a member ($29.95 per year), you gain access to dozens of resources, including three lessons on business marketing and sales:

Altogether, you could fill one to two week’s worth of classes if you incorporate all three of these lessons.

As a result, Money Instructor is a good choice if you need multiple units that cover marketing concepts!

4. Marketing Lessons from Wharton Global Youth Program

Wharton Global Youth Program

The Wharton Global Youth Program is an online community created by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

It’s dedicated to helping high school students understand business concepts, personal finance, college preparation, and career readiness.

The Wharton Global Youth site is filled with lesson plans, business articles, videos and more to support teachers in covering important business topics. The marketing resources are categorized into six overarching topics:

  • Foundations of Marketing
  • Consumers and Their Behavior
  • External Factors
  • The Marketing Mix
  • Marketing Research
  • The Marketing Plan

Each topic has a variety of lessons and materials that specifically align with NBEA standards.

Overall, if you need a few days’ worth of basic marketing lessons that also hit NBEA standards, Wharton could be the right option for you.

5. CTE Online


CTE Online is a free education website filled with lesson plans, projects, and other resources for career and technical education teachers.

The resources are organized according to the 16 CTE pathways, resulting in a number of items specifically focused on the marketing career cluster.

The most popular marketing resource on CTE Online is the Marketing - CTE Online Model.

This curriculum includes dozens of lessons across 19 units:

  • Orientation
  • Career Research
  • Employment Portfolio
  • Interpersonal Communications and Leadership Skills
  • The World of Marketing
  • Selling
  • Promotion
  • Business and Society
  • Distribution
  • Skills for Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Marketing Information Management
  • Product and Service Management
  • Financial Services
  • Economics
  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities
  • Information Technologies
  • Human Resource Essentials
  • Public Speaking

Altogether, the curriculum provides enough content to fill a 180-hour marketing course.

So, if you need a full-fledged year-long marketing curriculum, CTE Online should have you covered.

6. Marketing Lesson Bundle from Gavin Middleton


Gavin Middleton is a well-known publisher on the Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) online marketplace.

He has more than 200 products available on TpT, including a bundle of marketing lessons, activities, and projects.

The bundle costs $74.95 and 564 pages of materials to help you teach a variety of topics, including:

  • Marketing basics
  • Marketing trends
  • Digital marketing
  • Product life cycles
  • Product placement
  • TV and internet ads
  • Social media marketing

All together this marketing bundle will fill a semester-long marketing course while helping you provide a well-rounded marketing curriculum.

As a result, this resource from Gavin Middleton would work best for a teacher in need of a full marketing curriculum for a semester-long course.

7. Marketing Curriculum from Tech Twins


Tech Twins is another popular vendor on TpT with a marketing curriculum bundle.

This full year course costs $288 and includes a variety of resources to help students learn about:

  • An introduction to marketing
  • Economics and marketing
  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Consumers and competition
  • Market research
  • Product development and branding
  • Price and distribution
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • The marketing plan

To help you teach these topics, Tech Twins provides 480 pages of reading materials, lectures, worksheets, activities, projects, presentations, quizzes, and tests.

That means if you’re looking for a robust marketing curriculum, Tech Twins could be just what you need.

Which Marketing Lessons Are Right for Your Classes?

At the end of the day, choosing the “best” marketing lessons and projects depends on the needs of you, your course, and your students.

Here’s how each resource fits into the two most common scenarios we hear from high school business teachers.

A Full Marketing Curriculum

If you need an in-depth curriculum for a specific marketing course, these options could be a good fit:

  • CTE Online
  • Gavin Middleton
  • Tech Twins

Supplemental Marketing Lessons

If you’re looking for supplemental marketing lessons and activities to mix things up, these resources could be good choices:

  • George’s Academics
  • BizKid$
  • Money Instructor
  • Wharton Global Youth Program

Any one of these resources can act as an excellent supplement to your existing curriculum.

However, if you’re like most business teachers, you likely teach marketing as only a small part of your business program.

Teach Marketing as Part of a Comprehensive Curriculum

If you need a comprehensive curriculum to teach marketing among other business concepts and skills, consider checking out the iCEV Business, Marketing, Finance, IT and Media curriculum.

iCEV offers pre-built, fully customizable courses in a wide range of business subjects, including Introduction to Business and Marketing, Advanced Marketing, and Marketing Practicum.

Because of the variety of content available, it’s a great option to teach courses throughout the business management and administration pathway.

Overall, iCEV helps you save time with planning by providing lesson plans, class activities, multimedia lessons, hands-on projects, assessments, and more.

To see if the curriculum is the right fit for your needs, download a free marketing sample lesson. This lesson presentation helps you introduce the principles of marketing, market segments, marketing mix, and more.

Click below to download your free marketing lesson now!

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