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5 Best Dental Assisting Textbooks for CTE Health Science (2023 Reviews)

October 5th, 2022 | 8 min. read

Emma Stanton

Emma Stanton

Emma plays a critical role in facilitating communication between valued educators and AES, daily. It's paramount for her to understand the needs and perspective of our teachers to ensure our mutual success, and add value wherever possible.

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Did your health science program just add a new course for dental assisting? Or are you looking to update your current dental assistant curriculum?

If so, you probably need new materials to help cover your standards and prepare your students for their future careers.

While we provide a health science curriculum used in thousands of CTE programs, we don’t currently offer a dental assisting curriculum. (Wondering why? Find out here.)

To help you find the right materials for your dental assisting classes, we’ve put together a list of popular options teachers like you recommend.

The top dental assisting textbooks for CTE health science programs are:

  1. Darby’s Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene, 9th Edition
  2. Modern Dental Assisting, 13th Edition
  3. The Administrative Dental Assistant, 5th Edition
  4. Dental Materials, 4th Edition
  5. Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach, 5th Edition

cover image - Darby’s Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene,9th Edition1. Darby’s Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene, 9th Edition

  • Authors: Christine M. Blue, BSDH, MS
  • Copyright: 2022
  • Retail Price: $86.00 Textbook, $66.00 eBook

Darby’s Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene is a dental assisting textbook focused on helping students pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE). 

This book contains 22 chapters:

  1. Preparing for National, Regional, and State Dental Hygiene Board Examinations
  2. Histology and Embryology
  3. Anatomy and Physiology
  4. Head and Neck Anatomy and Physiology
  5. Clinical Oral Structures, Dental Anatomy, and Root Morphology
  6. Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
  7. General Pathology
  8. Oral Pathology
  9. Microbiology and Immunology
  10. Prevention of Disease Transmission in Oral Health Care
  11. Pharmacology
  12. Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Nutritional Counseling
  13. Biomaterials
  14. Periodontics
  15. Dental Hygiene Process of Care
  16. Strategies for Oral Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and Control
  17. Instrumentation for Client Assessment and Care
  18. Management of Pain and Anxiety
  19. Dental Hygiene Care for Clients with Special Care Needs
  20. Community Oral Health Planning
  21. Medical Emergencies
  22. Ethical and Legal Issues

In addition to the reading, you’ll find chapter review questions, case studies, and four computerized practice exams that simulate the NBDHE test-taking experience.

Darby’s Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene is an excellent option for teachers focused on preparing their students for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination.

cover image - Modern Dental Assisting,13th Edition2. Modern Dental Assisting, 13th Edition

  • Authors: Doni L. Bird, CDA, RDA, RDH, MA and Debbie S. Robinson, CDA, MS
  • Copyright: 2021
  • Retail Price: $147.00 Textbook, $35.00 Instructor's Guide, $60.00 Student Workbook, $112.00 eBook, $102.00 Online Courses

Modern Dental Assisting is a dental assisting textbook that covers various topics, from the latest technological advancements to how cultural diversity relates to patient care and more.

The book has 64 chapters that are divided into ten sections:

  1. The Dental Assisting Profession
  2. Sciences in Dentistry 
  3. Oral Health and Prevention of Dental Disease 
  4. Infection Prevention in Dentistry
  5. Patient Information and Assessment 
  6. Foundation of Clinical Dentistry
  7. Radiographic Imaging 
  8. Dental Materials 
  9. Assisting in Comprehensive Dental Care 
  10. Dental Administration and Communication Skills

You’ll find more than 70 procedural videos, Dentrix practice management software, and an Interactive Dental Office program with in-depth case studies.

Modern Dental Assisting is a great resource to teach a broader approach to dental assisting due to the wide range of topics included.

cover image - The Administrative Dental Assistant,5th Edition3. The Administrative Dental Assistant, 5th Edition

  • Authors: Linda J Gaylor, RDA, BPA, MEd
  • Copyright: 2021
  • Retail Price: $91.00 Textbook, $50.00 Instructor's Guide, $41.00 Student Workbook, $69.00 eBook

The Administrative Dental Assistant is a textbook that covers the daily functions of a dental business office, such as scheduling, record keeping, and insurance processing.

Each of these dental assistant books has 18 chapters that are divided into five sections:

  1. Introduction to the Dental Profession
  2. Communication Skills: Principles and Practices
  3. Managing Dental Office Systems
  4. Managing Dental Office Finances
  5. Managing Your Career

With this resource, you’ll find an ancillary package that provides electronic resources that enhance your teaching along with access to Dentrix practice management software.

While The Administrative Dental Assistant is a valuable resource to help your students understand dental office functions better, you will likely need to supplement it with more in-depth content on clinical procedures.

cover image - Dental Materials,4th Edition4. Dental Materials, 4th Edition

  • Authors: W. Stephan Eakle, DDS, FADM and Kimberly G. Bastin, CDA, EFDA, CRDH, MS
  • Copyright: 2020
  • Retail Price: $87.00 Textbook, $25.00 Instructor's Guide, $67.00 eBook

Dental Materials: Clinical Applications for Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists is a hands-on resource for teaching how dental materials fit into day-to-day clinical practice applications. 

In each of these dental assistant books, you’ll find 19 chapters:

  1. Introduction to Dental Materials
  2. Oral Environment and Patient Considerations
  3. Physical Properties of Dental Materials
  4. General Handling and Safety of Dental Materials in the Dental Office
  5. Principles of Bonding
  6. Composites, Glass Ionomers, and Compomers
  7. Preventive and Desensitizing Materials
  8. Teeth Whitening Materials and Procedures
  9. Dental Ceramics
  10. Dental Amalgam
  11. Metals and Alloys
  12. Dental Implants
  13. Abrasion, Finishing, Polishing, and Cleaning
  14. Dental Cement
  15. Impression Materials
  16. Gypsum and Wax Products
  17. Polymers for Prosthetic Dentistry
  18. Provisional Restorations
  19. Preventive and Corrective Oral Appliances

This dental assisting textbook also includes a companion website, step-by-step procedures, practice opportunities for the classroom, and NBDHE test prep resources.

Dental Materials is an excellent resource if you are looking for a curriculum that aligns with the NBDHE Exam with built-in practice opportunities for students.

Product cover for Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach 5th Edition by Donna J. Phinney, CDA, MEd/Judy Halstead5. Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach, 5th Edition

  • Authors: Donna J. Phinney, CDA, MEd and Judy Halstead
  • Copyright: 2018
  • Retail Price: $221.00 Textbook, $39.00 limited access eBook, $83.00 Student Workbook, $100.00 Digital Platform

Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach is one of the most comprehensive dental assistant books for teaching CTE classes. 

The textbook covers a wide variety of content - from the basics to advanced clinical skills, including procedures, equipment, and patient and employee safety standards. 

The textbook includes 41 chapters:

  1. Introduction to the Dental Profession
  2. Psychology, Communication, and Multicultural Interaction
  3. Ethics, Jurisprudence, and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  4. Oral Health and Preventative Techniques
  5. Nutrition
  6. General Anatomy and Physiology
  7. Head and Neck Anatomy
  8. Embryology and Histology
  9. Tooth Morphology
  10. Microbiology
  11. Infection Control
  12. Management of Hazardous Materials (Occupations Health and Safety Administration Standards (OSHA))
  13. Preparation for Patient Care
  14. Dental Charting
  15. Pharmacology
  16. Emergency Management
  17. Introduction to the Dental Office and Basic Chairside Assisting
  18. Basic Chairside Instruments, Tray Systems, and Instrument Transfer
  19. Isolation and Moisture Control, Including Dental Dam
  20. Anesthetic and Sedation
  21. Introduction to Dental Radiography and Equipment
  22. Produce and Evaluate Dental Radiographs
  23. Extraoral and Digital Radiography
  24. Endodontics
  25. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  26. Dental Implants
  27. Oral Pathology
  28. Orthodontics
  29. Pediatric Dentistry
  30. Dental Sealants
  31. Periodontics
  32. Coronal Polish
  33. Fixed Prosthodontics and Gingival Retraction
  34. Computerized Impression and Restorative Systems
  35. Cosmetic Dentistry and Whitening
  36. Removable Prosthodontics
  37. Dental Cements, Bases, and Liners
  38. Restorative Materials and Dental Dam
  39. Laboratory Materials and Techniques
  40. Dental Office Management
  41. Employment Strategies

Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach is a good choice for teachers looking to cover a wide range of topics with one resource - especially if you’re able to purchase digital access for your students as well.

Looking for More Than Just Dental Assisting Textbooks?

Though it’s impossible to review each of the dental assistant books out there, this article can give you some direction based on books we hear about from teachers like you. 

If you’re like most dental assisting instructors, you likely teach other health science courses. 

That means you have a lot on your plate when it comes to planning, teaching, grading, and preparing students for certification exams!

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