• Captain Gary Cochran, Retired Police Chief, Baytown
  • Chief Gregory Stevens, Chief of Police, Lubbock
  • Daniel Jackson, JD., Attorney, Baytown
  • Detective Josh Franco, Police Detective, Lubbock
  • Don S. Coffey, JD., Justice of the Peace, Harris County
  • Enrique de Leon, Correctional Officer, Baytown
  • Eric Stricklin, Chief Operating Officer of Baytown Star Ambulance Service, Baytown
  • Lieutenant Marshall Hutton, Field Incident Technician, Baytown
  • Lieutenant Ray Mendoza, Public Information Officer, Lubbock
  • Malcolm Sweeny, Retired Emergency Dispatcher, Baytown
  • Officer Alan Griffin, Police Officer, Lubbock
  • Officer Tracy Moore, Police Officer, Lubbock
  • Trev Clark, Owner of Statewide Protection Services LLC, Baytown