The City of Atomsville

Atomsville enables students to tailor curriculum to their interests through real-world scenarios and projects which relate to a career of their choice. All students are presented with the same project instructions, but are allowed to customize the project to show their individuality.

Atomsville Homepage
Atomsville Business Presentation

Customized Project-Based Learning

Microsoft® Office projects and activities allow students to pick a business of their choice and hone their Microsoft® Office skills while exploring careers and creating documents, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and more.

Variety of Business Options

Atomsville features more than 100 businesses spanning all 16 career clusters for students to choose from and incorporate into their Microsoft® Office projects. Each business has its own page detailing the business and providing a downloadable logo.

Microsoft® Office Cheat Sheets

Quick reference guides for each Microsoft® Office program covered in the curriculum with space included for student note taking.

Additional Teacher Resources


Atomsville Business Presentation

Business Presentation
The business presentation PowerPoint® details every business in the city and can be used as an introductory lesson to Atomsville.


Business Guide
The Atomsville Business Guide also details every business in the city and can be distributed to students for review or reference.

Atomsville Business Guide