Industry Certifications

Offer students a competitive edge with iCEV's nationally recognized industry-backed certifications. With iCEV's certification program, students can work toward their college and career goals while advancing through regular coursework.

Food Safety & Science Certification

American Meat Science Association

startquotesbl.png  Our partnership with CEV is a strategic part of the American Meat Science Association’s efforts to recruit and equip the next generation of meat scientists. Our member scientists have worked closely with CEV to ensure high quality, accurate, science based training materials for the food safety certification.endquotebl.png

Thomas Powell
Executive Director, American Meat Science Association



Plant Science Certification

Bayer CropScience

startquotesbl.png  Continuing to lead innovation in agriculture will require bright minds with expertise in all areas of plant sciences. This certification program will provide students with essential tools to equip them to be the next great leaders in plant science... endquotebl.png

Mike Gilbert, Ph.D.
Head of Breeding and Trait Development for Bayer CropScience

Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification


startquotesbl.png  This certification will equip the next generation of animal science professionals with the foundational knowledge they need to advance in the industry. endquotebl.png

Todd Armstrong
Beef Business Director, Elanco

Principles of Floral Design Certification

Benz School of Floral Design

startquotesbl.png  The Benz School of Floral Design stresses the importance of principles and elements of design in all of its course curriculums, so this connection with CEV Multimedia is a logical extension of what we teach... endquotebl.png

Bill McKinley
Director of the Benz School of Floral Design

Meat Evaluation Certification

American Meat Science Association

startquotesbl.png  All of the [American Meat Science Association] membership is interested in trying to find ways to make up the shortage that we presently have in the United States for meat scientists...endquotebl.png

Gary C. Smith, Ph.D.
American Meat Science Association

Principles of Livestock Selection & Evaluation Certification

National Collegiate Livestock Coaches Association

startquotesbl.png   ...it’s extremely critical that we continue to develop competent agricultural career-ready students, both coming straight out of high school and at the college level.endquotebl.png

Ryan Rathmann, Ph.D.
National Collegiate Livestock Coaches Association 

Professional Communications Certification

Southwest Airlines

startquotesbl.png  We’re confident this course will challenge students and provide the essential training they need in order to thrive in a career or postsecondary environment...endquotebl.png

Linda Rutherford
Vice President Communication & Outreach
Southwest Airlines

Career Preparedness Certification

Express Employment Professionals

startquotesbl.png  We want to empower the next generation to make knowledgeable decisions about education and careers, and this partnership with CEV Multimedia is a powerful stepping stone in helping students discover and achieve their career goals...endquotebl.png

Rachel Rudisill
Recruitment Advertising and Marketing Manager
Express Employment Professionals

Principles of Small Engine Technology Certification

Equipment & Engine Training CouncilComing Soon!

startquotesbl.png  We strive to provide relevant and meaningful training opportunities for students providing them the first step on the pathway to a career within the power equipment industry...endquotebl.png

Erik Sides
Executive Director
Equipment & Engine Training Council

Veterinary Medical Applications Certification


startquotesbl.png  Pursuing a veterinary track provides valuable experience for students who are passionate about transforming animal health and maintaining the well-being or our food supply and pets.  endquotebl.png

Brad Williams, D.V.M., MBA
Beef Technical Consultant, Elanco

More Certifications Added Throughout the Year