CEV Multimedia, Ltd., founded in 1984, specializes in providing quality curriculum and educational resources for subjects within Career and Technical Education. CEV has developed a career exploration library consisting of edited video, Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations, and customizable lesson plans, and iCEV is the new platform for which customers can enjoy the same CEV content they have come to know and trust.

The site not only addresses personal development and career guidance, but also provides content regarding the exploration of the 16 Career Clusters, including more than 800 candid interviews with business and industry professionals.

Organized into short learning objectives, the engaging visual content promises in-depth, interactive learning with professional demonstrations, preparing students for real-world scenarios. As segments are developed, recognized specialists and educators in both industry and academia collaborate with CEV to create quality, accurate and appropriate content.

iCEV's "anytime, anywhere" capabilities allow subscribers to access curriculum on all devices with internet capabilities (e.g., PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.) with a single touch, and the sophisticated search feature makes finding desired content easy. iCEV promotes self-paced learning and gives freedom to explore the vast array of career-related content and advice from business & industry professionals.

The site presents vast opportunity for the promotion of college and career readiness for all teachers, classrooms and students – not just those found in Career & Technical Educational classrooms, but campus-wide. With the iCEV Career Exploration site, every day is career day.

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