CEV Multimedia, Ltd., founded in 1984, specializes in providing quality curriculum and educational resources for subjects within Career and Technical Education. CEV has accumulated an agricultural library of more than 20,000 minutes of edited video, and iCEV is the new platform for which customers can enjoy the same CEV content they have come to know and trust.

The iCEV Agricultural Sciences site features thousands of educational video segments in the following agricultural areas:

  • Agribusiness Systems
  • Animal Systems
  • Food Processing Systems
  • Judging
  • Leadership/Communication Systems
  • Natural Resources Systems
  • Plant Systems
  • Careers
  • Power Systems

Organized into short learning objectives (i.e., 27 seconds to 20 minutes), the engaging visual content promises in-depth, interactive learning with professional demonstrations, preparing students for real-world scenarios. As segments are developed, recognized specialists, educators and publishers in both industry and academia collaborate with CEV to create quality, accurate and appropriate content. iCEV's most recent addition of video content features Temple Grandin, bestselling author and renown consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior.

iCEV's "anytime, anywhere" capabilities allow subscribers to access agriculture curriculum on all devices with Internet capabilities (e.g., PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.) with a single touch, and the sophisticated search feature makes finding desired content easy.

Regardless of delivery model, CEV's goal is unchanging - create engaging curriculum aimed at providing students with the focus and preparation needed for a successful transition from K-12 to postsecondary studies to career success.

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